I'm floating away; I got nothing to say

Oops. Just like last year, I seem to have missed my monthly post in October. I swear I meant to do it, but I just got distracted. Well, October in a nutshell:

1. I went back to Pennsylvania 
for Ben and Amanda's wedding, which was very nice even if the weather wasn't.

2. Halloween!

I tried making cookies this year, but I had a chocolate mishap, so I gave up on decorating and just ate them. I made a unicorn horn from cardboard, glitter, newspaper, and glue. I wore it to my job (which is going great, by the way) on Halloween, where the following conversation took place:

Kindergartner: Your unicorn horn isn't cool.
Me: Yes it is. I'm very cool.
Kindergartner: No, you're not. You're pretty.
Me: ...you can't be pretty and cool?
Kindergartner: No.

Sadly, on Halloween night, I also fell off my bike while making a turn. It wasn't a hard fall, but it was enough to push my already-damaged derailleur hanger into irreparable territory. Fortunately, we were able to order the part online, and Matt fixed it for me. He also replaced my back brakes, which probably were part of the reason I skid in the first place. Tomorrow, I need to replace my front brake pads, as now that I have working back brakes, I can feel a major difference between good and bad brake pads.

3. Niles got even more attention than ever.

Dis my box.

Dis my computer.

Dis my person. I sits on her.
4. And now it's November.
Almost Thanksgiving! I actually don't know yet if I'm making Thanksgiving dinner or not. We're invited to Matt's relatives', but because he has work early on Black Friday, we're not sure if it will work out or not. I should know by tomorrow. It'd be great to spend Thanksgiving with people, but I liked making the meal so much last year that I wouldn't be disappointed if I had to cook! I also discovered today that I can order a heritage breed turkey from Whole Foods, so that's kind of exciting.

Alright, I promise to post once more this month to make up for October's lack of post... hopefully, I'll be posting pictures of Thanksgiving food either way!

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E said...

That conversation with your kindergartner is so cute! But also kind of sad. Obviously you now need to be the awesome older person who teaches them that girls can be both cool and pretty. Feminism FTW!