Happy birthday to me!

It's gray in Seattle again. Surprise, surprise! Really, though, winter hasn't been that bad. We haven't had ANY snow (minus the one small flurry that didn't stick), and besides the one or two "really cold" (aka 30s) weeks, it's been fairly decent. Apparently this is abnormal for Seattle winter, so I shouldn't get used to it, but compared to the gross east coast sleet/freezing cold/snow that happens every February, I'll take it!

By Friday, March 1st, it looks like the temperature is going to be up in the 50s! Woohoo! Spring is slowly trying to take hold of the city; crocuses have been coming up, and some trees are just barely starting to bud. When I arrived last April, I took pictures of how spring had already arrived already, and my records show that on April 7th, there were definitely blossoms on trees:

It's weird to think that I've been in Seattle for close to a year. As of yesterday, I've officially been done with my AmeriCorps VISTA service for a year. After I finished service, I mostly sat around in Arizona playing videogames and eating pizza, though I did also work with 4-H doing stuff at the county fair for a bit. While Arizona winters were pretty nice, I definitely prefer Seattle overall. Besides, it doesn't really get hotter than 90 in the summers here!

Unlike last February, this February I've stayed employed, though I have made pizza and played videogames. This past week was midwinter break for my school, and due to a lack of interest in the camp my program was going to offer, I thought I was going to have a week without work. Luckily for me, another school that I've worked at offered me a position for the week! They were also on break, but the school's extended day program had full-day care available to families who needed it. The school is VERY different from my usual workplace; I mean, they have chickens that the kids take care of and a giant mud pit they can dig in. Still, the kids were pretty fun, and it was a good week.

Last Monday was also my birthday! I fortunately didn't have to work that day, as it was a national holiday. I can't believe I'm actually 25. I started this blog in January of 2008, when I was 19. Eesh! That was right when I was getting ready to do Bike & Build. Summer 2014 will be the last time I can register as just a rider and not a leader for Bike & Build (assuming they're still okay with people signing up at age 25 and turning 26 before the ride begins). It's not that I'm planning on signing up as a rider again--I just can't believe how fast 25 happened!

I had a pretty nice birthday despite feeling so old. (Someone actually asked me if I have kids last week--yikes!) I contemplated making a cake, but I really didn't want to buy supplies when funds are still so low. On Sunday night, Matt sneakily placed birthday-cake-flavored Oreos in the shopping basket at the grocery store, so we ate those instead. I have to say, they were a pretty good substitute. On Monday, I went to the grocery store and then made bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits from scratch. I also froze some for the rest of the week so I could eat one before work. It was a great idea, but this week I need to eat a little bit healthier!

On Monday night, we went out to sushi at my favorite sushi place in Seattle, Umi Sake House. I found out they give free desserts for your birthday! Unfortunately, they were out of cake, but they did have a delicious ice cream tempura (something I haven't had since the good old days of Tako). Overall, it was a really good night.

I didn't do too much else this past month, though I did make pretzels and cheese dip from scratch for the Super Bowl:

and I've been hanging out with my derpy cat as always:

We'll see where March goes! Hopefully my 25th year is full of all good things.

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