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Yeah, yeah, it's no longer February. And it's past March. And April is almost over. I completely failed at my goal of updating once a month. So, as usual, a recap:

What I've Been Doing All This Time


I worked as usual. Daylight Saving Time kicked in, and sunsets started getting later, which was nice (we have crazy late sunset times in the summer). Unfortunately, that also meant sunrise was later, and I started working two mornings a week at the school. Boo, dark mornings. (It's gotten a lot better since then, though!) Morning care means I wake up at 5:20, get dressed, brew coffee, and take the 5:42 bus over to the school (~40 minute ride). Then I eat breakfast and wait for kids to arrive. When they do, we play games (Mancala is a popular choice), read books, color, and chat. At 8:15, I send them to class and catch the bus home. I eat a little, take a nap, and then wake up, eat some more, and bike back to the school for the afternoon. It's tiring, but at least it's only twice a week.

The weather in March did indeed get warmer, reaching the mid-60s on Easter weekend! As it gets closer to June, the rain will (hopefully) lessen, and eventually we'll be back to normal Seattle summer (two months of amazing weather).

March on top of Queen Anne. This view last summer is partially what made us want to move to this neighborhood.

Kitteh spying on neighbors on a beautiful Easter morning.

View looking southeast-ish from the balcony. This was before the leaves really started coming in on all the trees.

Beautiful cherry blossoms near my work.

But a crazy hailstorm just a few weeks later!

Followed by a small taste of the summer to come.

2. April

Seattle Public Schools had spring break from April 15th to the 19th. I work at an independent school, but we had a break, too. Fortunately, I had work for the week. No, not with that other school I've subbed at before--with the Pacific Science Center!

Last summer I had the opportunity to work as an assistant camps teacher, and I was able to work for the week doing a spring break camp. My camp was for kids grades 4-6, and it was a ton of fun. It was a bit hard to step back into an assistant role after having so much freedom/responsibility at my job, but the lead teacher I worked with was great. I had an interview over Easter weekend in March to be a lead with the Science Center for the summer....

and I got the job! Unfortunately, positions on-site were very limited (as in there were only two openings), so I'll be working off-site this year at some of the other locations they have. Hopefully I have coworkers who are carpooling, as the sites are a bit of a trek by bus. I'm excited to be a lead, though, as it means I can decide what lessons we're going to teach and plan out our whole day instead of just going along with what the lead says (though I'm also hoping to be an exemplary lead who allows the assistant to be involved in both planning and teaching).

Growing up, I always thought I wanted to teach, but when junior year rolled around, I started seeing what it really meant to be a teacher and decided not to follow that route. Now that I'm back in a school, though, I'm seeing that I like it. Even teaching science was fun. And that is why....

I'll be attending Seattle University fall 2013 for the Master in Teaching program!

After two tests and lots of applications steps, I was accepted to this program. It's a one-year cohort program, and it will give me both a master's degree and a teaching certification. It's a major change in my life, but I think it will be for the positive. It's going to be a lot of work, but I'm ready for it.

3. Et cetera

I don't want to make this post too long, but the one last thing I have to share is that I've been hooping, or hoop dancing. Hoop, as in the hula variety, only this is way better than what we did as kids. Did you know the cheap store hoops are too small for adults to learn on because they're super small and light? Adult beginner hoops are heavier, have grippy tape, and are a lot more fun. I got my first hoop (on sale with a DVD!) around my birthday, and I've been loving it. That hoop was a bit heavy for some tricks, though.

But hey, did you know you can easily make your own hoops out of irrigation tubing?
On the left: the first hoop I bought. On the right: the first hoop I made!

A slightly smaller and much lighter hoop with sparkly tape--my motivation to get better!
One of these days, I'll share a video with you, but right now I'm definitely a beginner and sort of look silly. It's insanely fun, though. It's also giving me a great reason to get off the couch and get outside. Make fun of me all you like, family--hooping is awesome!

This entry has gotten crazy long, so it's time I end it before I need to divide it into chapters. Until next time!

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Jessica said...

I fell in love with hooping last year, and found a grownup's hoop at a thrift store... 2 years ago, my youngest son (now 12) learned how to juggle & now he's learning to ride a unicycle. Fun times! :)

This is the first time I've checked your blog in a while...